Class: Elements of Magic



  • FRIDAYS from February 15, 2019 TO March 22 2019
  • 7:00pm-9:30pm
  • COST:   sliding scale from $150.00 TO $250.00
  • Where: Broadway and Fraser area:  exact location announced once confirmation of registration received.

Earth, Air, Fir, Water and Centre are the forces that form the elements of magic. In ritual space we will explore the magic and the mysteries of each of the elements, practicing and learning the basic skills to create rituals in a supportive sacred container that will end with a last class ritual led by participants. This 6 week experiential class in magic and ritual will be taught in the Reclaiming Tradition by two long time experienced Reclaiming Witches Ashtare & Bramble.

  • Learn basic ritual techniques such as grounding, casting & invoking.
  • Work with the tools and share knowledge about the Elements, the 4 Directions and Centre.
  • Deepen into the mysteries through trance, chants, spells and raising energy.

Bramble:  Reclaiming Witch and Rosen Method Bodyworker. Her magical work centres on depth, presence and the textures of experience as a portal to mystery steeped in symbolism, myth and dreams. Bramble brings magic into everyday lived reality.

Ashtare:  Reclaiming Witch  Ashtare has awe and reverence for the creation of the multiverse, the Gods and Goddesses and to Mystery in all possible forms. With the power of the moment, in ritual and in the mundane; learning and opening with others decimates hierarchy. All beings are magickal beings, and bring learning to those that open, watch, and listen.

Everyone is welcome. E-mail or call to register or to discuss any questions or issues that you have about the class.

E-mail:  Ashtare

Phone:  Bramble  604-736-0406

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