Come and Celebrate BELTANE on May 2nd at 4 pm

Listen to the land, the rocks, the wind, the plants and  the animals of the earth.

From our visioning, we have found that we want to create an opportunity for everyone to say something of what they learned from communicating with the earth, the birds, the animals, the plants, the sun, the wind, etc and bring those communications to the group as part of the group trance.   It can be written or from memory, and should not be longer than 30 seconds each person.

We are still looking for volunteers. Pls Email Ashtar  if you’d like to participate / volunteer for a role in the ritual.

Beltane Poster-Vancouver Reclaiming

Bring water to drink and some food to share as well as money for donation. Pls note that all Vancouver Reclaiming Rituals are drug and alcohol free.

We are meeting at Queen Elisabeth Park – pls see map below for exact location.

Little Mountain Open Area Map

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