What is Remembered Lives – Our Beloved Mighty Dead

“Our definition of community extends to include the dead…we honor the ancestors, the beloved dead, the Mighty Ones of the Craft…” (4) Starhawk Reclaiming: A Working Definition

Joanne Joanne was fairly new to the Vancouver Reclaiming Community when she received the terrible news that she had a brain tumour. She underwent awful treatments with the support of the community. Joanne loved to sit in the centre of the cones during community rituals and at BC Witchcamp; hopeful for a cure. After she would glow with ecstatic pleasure from all the energy.

Joanne enjoyed the pleasures of life. She was good friends with Cathy and Mari. She had many friends and Witches around her to support her healing.  In the end she was assisted her in her crossing by Cathy, Mari, Bridget, Sage, Linden, and Maecan.

What is remembered lives.

Bev Parent Bev was an early and longtime member of the Vancouver Reclaiming Community. She was known for her cheerfulness. Bev and Shadow were close friends and could be seen together at most community rituals and events. She always arrived early.

Bev was a lover of animals and a rescuer of cats. Her home, which was always full of pets, caused her trouble with landlords and forced her to move from time to time. Bev died October 15, 2005 in a house fire trying to rescue cats. She continued going back into her burning home trying to rescue her cats until she succumbed along with 59 of her 70 beloved cats. Bev was 50 years old when she died.

At her memorial Witches and members of the cat rescue community gathered to remember her. There were many stories of a fearlessness Bev going to any length to rescue cats. The ashes of the 59 cats that died in the fire are spread up at the Fairy Mound above Spanish Banks where many community rituals are held. He sister and friends still visit the Fairy Mound every year to remember her.

In 2017 Bev was invoked at Witchcamp as one of the community’s Mighty Dead. Unbeknownst her cats came with her causing all kinds of kitty mayhem until they were devoked a couple of days later. We should have known, Bev never went anywhere without her cats.

What is remembered lives.

Patchouli  June 9, 1948 – Sept 11, 2010. Patchouli, also known as Nancy Eagles was a part of the Vancouver Reclaiming Community for many years. Patchouli often contributed to community rituals in very practical ways; showing up with candles, huge bouquets of flowers from her garden, or herbs for everyone. She knew a lot about herbs and guided a teaching herb walk at Phoenix Camp. Herbs were also an integral part of her natural skin products and remedies company Inanna, which she began after working for many years in the film industry. Patchouli also acted as the kitchen liaison for BC Witchcamp for many years. She has two beautiful daughters (Jasmine and Amber) who remain part of the Reclaiming Community.

Patchouli was on the verge of success and happiness. She had completely reinvented herself. Her business Inanna, after a lot of hard work, was beginning to be profitable. She had fairly recently set out on her own and come out as a lesbian. She was driving home from a wonderful time at the Lesbian Bold Conference when she had a asthma attack and died. Her sudden death left behind a hole in the community.

What is remembered lives.

Jeff Hoover Jeff was a longtime Reclaiming Community Member. He lived in Portland Oregon. Jeff was a kind, quiet, gay man who was loved by the community.

As a BC Witchcamp Org member; he helped shape camp. He wanted to make sure everyone felt they belonged at camp, especially the quiet ones. After he was diagnosed with cancer Jeff continued to come to camp sharing his condition and experience with the community. Over three years his community and friends witnessed his courage and his decline. Everyone knew in 2013 that this would be his last camp. He became increasingly ill at camp and returned home to die. He passed from this world on Oct 11, 2013.

Jeff was an introvert and was honoured by the establishment of the BC Witchcamp Jeff Hoover Introvert Scholarship Fund.

What is remembered lives.

Ceridwen  Ceridwen was a Reclaiming initiate and one of the first teachers at BC Witchcamp. As a longtime Reclaiming Member she always supported the community and Witchcamp. For many years the pre-camp meetings for teachers were held in her home.

Ceridwen was quiet and amazing. Her inner life was vast and creative. Her home radiated comfort, and she baked wonderful cakes that could grace the cover of Homes and Gardens. She came to Vancouver as a single parent with her two daughters from Ottawa where she was a beloved member of the lesbian community.

Ceridwen was a feminist and also political. These traits were most noticeable in her always respectful interactions and in the way she equalized power. She was also a life long activist. As a younger woman she drove American draft dodgers across the border and as an older woman she became a Raging Granny.  She was known as Glenda to those in the mental health field where she worked until her retirement. Ceridwen loved to birdwatch and kayak. She loved her two daughters and her granddaughter.

In later years, Ceridwen began to lose her memories to dementia. She eventually forgot who everyone was; but she was always happy to see you, continued to enjoy singing, and going on walks. Her daughters moved in to help care for her. After a year Ceridwen needed to move to a care home.

Ceridwen died on June 10, 2015. She was lovingly remembered at a memorial by her loving family, Witches, Raging Grannies, and strong political lesbians from her early days in Ottawa. Ceridwen was a quiet, strong woman who walked in integrity and made a difference.

What is remembered lives.

Carla  Carla was part of the Vancouver Reclaiming Community for many years. You would often see her at community rituals wearing her iconic colourful hat and her favourite colour purple. In the early years she organized community rituals. She was also a member of the infamous Fighting Coven.

Carla was educated in theology. She wore many hats in her life including working in early childhood and as a businesswoman. She was political and cared about social justice. And although she was known to be opinionated and difficult at times, she was also known to be wise, kind, caring, generous person who had a great sense of humour. Carla could appear tough on the outside, but she was very sensitive and felt things deeply.

Carla was taken by cancer after a stay in hospice. Carla was born on July 11, 1941 and died on May 30, 2017.

She told her friend Shadow that she wanted her to be with her when she died. One night Shadow felt a pull. She called a taxi and went to Carla’s bedside. There she witnessed Carla take her last breath.

What is remembered lives.